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the avalanche review

ECT Test Update

2020 Frank Techel, Karl Birkeland, Doug Chabot, Jim Earl, Ivan Moner, and Rob Simenhois the avalanche review #39.1| winter 20/21 Summary Since its introduction in 2006, the Extended Column Test (ECT) has become one of the most popular tests to assess point snow instability. In 2009, two studies explored how ECT results correlated to observed instabilities, laying the foundation for…
4. November 2020
Scientific papers

On the importance of snowpack stability, the frequency distribution of snowpack stability, and avalanche size in assessing the avalanche danger level

2020 Frank Techel, Karsten Müller, and Jürg Schweizer The Cryosphere, 14, 3503–3521, 2020   Abstract Consistency in assigning an avalanche danger level when forecasting or locally assessing avalanche hazard is essential but challenging to achieve, as relevant information is often scarce and must be interpreted in light of uncertainties. Furthermore, the definitions of the danger levels, an ordinal variable,…
22. October 2020
Scientific papers

On snow stability interpretation of extended column test results

2020 Frank Techel, Kurt Winkler, Matthias Walcher, Alec van Herwijnen, and Jürg Schweizer Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 1941–1953, 2020 Abstract Snow instability tests provide valuable information regarding the stability of the snowpack. Test results are key data used to prepare public avalanche forecasts. However, to include them into operational procedures, a quantitative interpretation scheme is needed. Whereas…
10. July 2020
Scientific papers

On the relation between avalanche occurrence and avalanche danger level

2020 Jürg Schweizer, Christoph Mitterer, Frank Techel, Andreas Stoffel, and Benjamin Reuter The Cryosphere, 14, 737–750, 2020       Abstract In many countries with seasonally snow-covered mountain ranges warnings are issued to alert the public about imminent avalanche danger, mostly employing an ordinal, five-level danger scale. However, as avalanche danger cannot be measured, the characterization of avalanche danger…
2. March 2020