SLABS –  Snow and AvaLAnche OBservation Standards

This will become the SLABS site in Englisch. SLABS will be based ob SWAG, but adopted by ÖGSL – AASA and its community.

‘This document contains a set of guidelines for observing and recording snow, weather, and avalanche phenomena. These guidelines were prepared for avalanche forecasting operations, but can be applied to other programs as well. The guidelines are presented as a resource of common methods and are intended to promote efficient and fruitful communication among professional operations and between research and operational communities. The observations presented in this digital manual were selected to support active avalanche forecasting programs. Our hope is that this manual will help forecasters carefully choose the observations that support their programs, and that those observations will generate high quality and consistent data sets.‘ (See original reference:

28. November 2020

Snowpack Observation

Information on the structure and stability of the snowpack within an area is essential to assessing current and future avalanche conditions. In certain applications, starting zones may be inaccessible and snowpack properties can be estimated with careful analysis of past and present weather and avalanche events.

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