SLABS –  Snow and Avalanche Observation Standards

This digital set of standards is a professional reference that establishes common methods to describe the subject area of snow and avalanche and related observations. The documented standards reflect the diversity and special needs of the undifferentiated fields of activity in the snow and avalanche world and strive to provide them with the flexibility needed to work effectively, while creating a common language for all of us. Ultimately, these standards are intended to encourage creativity and innovation, not inhibit them. With the standards as a foundation, we encourage experimentation and the development of new tests and methods through science and practice.

28. November 2020

Snowpack Observation

Information on the structure and stability of the snowpack within an area is essential to assessing current and future avalanche conditions. In certain applications, starting zones may be inaccessible and snowpack properties can be estimated with careful analysis of past and present weather and avalanche events.