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the avalanche review

ECT Test Update

2020 Frank Techel, Karl Birkeland, Doug Chabot, Jim Earl, Ivan Moner, and Rob Simenhois the avalanche review #39.1| winter 20/21 Summary Since its introduction in 2006, the Extended Column Test (ECT) has become one of the most popular tests to assess point snow instability. In 2009, two studies explored how ECT results correlated to observed instabilities, laying the foundation for…
4. November 2020

Are you keeping up with Jeremy Jones?

2018 Mannberg Andrea, Hendrikx Jordy, Johnson Jerry bergundsteigen #105 | winter 18/19 | S. 32- 38 Summary In economics, there is a growing body of research that suggests that many people have so-called "positional preferences". A positional individual derives utility from their consumption relative to that of others. Let's use an example. Suppose that you own a 5 year old…
1. December 2018